Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tweet Ten Predictions for the 2011 MLB Season

Special Baseball edition of the Tweet Ten-Yeah...I can make fun of Baseball players too.

10. Manny Ramirez will show up to White Sox opening day because even he forgot he signed with the Rays.

9.Jose Bautista will not repeat his dream season due to the fact that Vernon Wells is no longer around to give him his special 'power bars'

8.Tim Lincecum will finally get all those jokes everyone keeps making about his last name. OR: Similar to the Mitchell Report-Tim Lincecum will release a list of every player he has ever smoked up with.

7. To make a statement, 20,000 Expos fans will head to DC to make their presence known at a Nationals game-5,000 will instantly head home due to the fact that it's not 1$ hot dog night.

6.After years of decision making, Phil Coke will sign a sponsorship deal with Coca Cola, who narrowly beat out the entire country of Columbia.

5.To outdo the Yankees, the Rays will make Johnny Damon shave all of his body hair right before his first at bat.

4.After an off-season of English lessons, the Yankees second baseman will let everyone know that his last name is actually pronounced 'Canoe'

3. Due to pressure from the front office Ron Halliday will get his PhD-adhering to the Phillies' 'literal nickname' policy.

2. Albert Pujols will cause an uproar when he gets rid of his batting gloves and starts using the 'Moises Alou Method' for grip.

1.The MLB will retire Youppi's Exclamation Mark.


  1. great tweet whats moises alou's method of batting

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