Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tweet Ten signs your Superbowl party sucks.

10. There’s Quiche.

9. During halftime the host makes you play ‘Glee Karaoke’

8. On your betting spreadsheet, Troy Polamalu is listed as ‘That dude with the hair from the head and shoulders commercials’

7. The beer is non-alcoholic because the host’s parents think that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time.

6. You’re attending some kind of online video chat thingy.

5. It's the week earlier and you're watching the Pro Bowl.

4. The host doesn't get the American commercials.

3. Everyone there is only there because there was a Habs game on that afternoon.

2. Did I mention there’s Quiche?

1. The Host doesn’t have HD and it turns out you’ve been watching a rerun of the 1987 Grey Cup the entire time.

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