Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things overheard at the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft.

Well, the first ever NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft is in the books, and Habs Laughs was there with a few mics of our own! This is what we were able to catch from the festivities.


Carey Price: Last year he took a clapper from inside the circle…almost killed me. Hit the glass before I moved….so happy it missed my head.

Tim Thomas: Wow.

Carey Price: Yeah…

Tim Thomas (to David Backes): Do you know who this kid is?

David Backes: Shia Labeouf?


Paul Statsny: Really? Two first rounders?

Phil Kessel: Yep

Paul Statsny: And Boston is…

Phil Kessel: Still good without me yes.

Paul Stastny: Damn….enjoy the car dude.

Phil Kessel: *Sigh* Thanks.


Henrik Sedin: Everyone is expecting us to do some kind of Olsen Twins thing and switch places.

Henrik Sedin: You’re not Henrik, I’m Henrik.

Daniel Sedin: Oh yeah.


Alex Ovechkin: And they say ‘you shave and we give money’ so I shave.

Jeff Skinner: What’s shaving like?


James Duthie: Ladies and Gentlemen, your NHL ALL-Star rookies!

*General applause*

Mike Richards: I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! *Jumps out window*

Taylor Hall: Dude that’s probably your fault.

P.K. Subban: Ehn.


Eric Staal: If we don’t pick Chara, he might he might eat us.

Ryan Kesler: True.

Eric Staal: We pick Chara.

Nik Lidstrom: Hey Zdeno…are you going to eat us because we didn’t pick you?

Zdeno Chara:…..I might.


Matt Duchene: Come one man say it.

Jamie McBain: I dunno…

Duncan Keith: Say it!

Jamie McBain: Come one guys…


Jamie McBain: Fine!....Up And At Zem!

All: Aaaaaahhhh!


James Duthie: Hey Phil, Have you met Tyl---ooohhhhh right.


Henrik Lundqvist: So, was that a conscious decision to put those glasses on this morning when you left the house?

Jonas Hiller: Yeah…

Henrik Lundqvist: Just wondering.


Dustin Byfuglien: Kaner, Cap’s serious…we’re on the same team again!

Patrick Kane: Looks like it.

Jonathan Toews: Yep

Dustin Byfuglien: Ha-ha now Sharp is Byfuglien!!!

Patrick Kane: No…it’s still you.

Dustin Byfuglien: Awww…. Hey by the way, I still haven’t gotten my cup ring.

Jonathan Toews: I wouldn’t know anything about that.


James Duthie: So how does it feel to be an all-star again?

Martin Havlat: It’s best I not say or do anything at risk of my agent going on a twitter rampage.

James Duthie:….fair enough.


Brad Richards: Hey man, I’m glad I had a chance to talk to you.

Corey Perry: What’s up?

Brad Richards: I wanted to be the one to extend an invitation for you to join the NHL Two First Names club.

Corey Perry: Wow, I’m honored!

Duncan Keith: It really is awesome.

Tim Thomas: The perks are fantastic.

Rick Nash: And the women are off the charts!

Corey Perry: Uhh..

Rick Nash: Nash Bridges was a very popular show!


  1. lmao! That was awesome :P Love the Carey Price thing :P Atleast now I know what he said, although Im sure the last part wasnt actually said XD Great job, youre funy