Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tweet Ten Habs Commandments

Tweet Ten Habs Commandments-

Thou must abide.

10. Thou shall always blame the coach after a loss.

9. Thou shall never mention the coach after a win.

8. Thou art a douche if you put your last name on the back of your jersey.

7. Thou will go to hell if you ever boo Saku Koivu.

6. Thou must buy at least 3 copies of every Alex Kovalev instructional DVD.

5. Thou shall never forget the Huet/Aebischer tandem.

4. Honor thy Rocket and thy Flower.

3. Thou shall pretend that you are ok with $10 beers.

2. Thou shall always wait for Andrei Markov.

1. Thou shall always, ALWAYS, chant 67.


  1. you forgot - thou shalt never blame cammy for anything because he is cute.

  2. you forgot - thou shall boo players if they play bad once but love them the second they do something good.

    lol I love these though :) Youre funny, post sumthing again soon :D

  3. haha thats true, i will always wait for markov, and totally agree with number 8 :)

  4. So if I put my last name on the back of my t-shirt does that make me less of a douche?

    I like commandments #4 & #1 best. =)

  5. Definitely #4 ... and also never boo Pleky. (assumes Carey Price post-shootout stance and scowls)