Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Habs Laughs Exclusive! Cammy's Poem

We had the privilege of hearing a bit of Mike Cammalleri's poem that he prepared for the final ceremony of the Captain...well HL contacted Cammalleri and got the full copy. Here it is for your enjoyment. He entitled it:

An ode to Cammalleri (I am not egotistical I swear)

Playing for the Habs is really really fun
You can be a fan if you’re 5 or 81!

We play in Montreal, and that is really cool
I’m glad that Komisarek is gone, that guy seems like a tool.

I came from Calgary, that’s out west
They said with Iginla I was at my best.

I started off strong, and kept up that trend
I’ll have 40 goals by season’s end.

I have a wicked shot, and I know that
Shooting from one knee is really phat

I’m loved by the media, In English and French
I don’t speak the latter, but its ok I’m a mench.

If I may say so, I have crazy good looks
I’m also really fast, I draw ALL the hooks.

The fans are so passionate, the history is the reason
I’ll do my best not to give them another bad season.

I fight you in practice if you don’t show passion
Ill shove and shove until you start passin’

I hurt my knee against Ottawa, what a blow to the team
I’m pretty irreplaceable...something that rhymes with team.

I have something to say, about the whole goalie thing
If they really want it, I could be third string.

I’m good on my feet and I have sick reflexes
I’ll stack up my pads like triple duplexes.

I’m serious about this, I can go in nets
I spoke to Martin about it, I’m sure he’ll have no regrets.

When I’m done being goalie I guess I’ll wear the C
I have no problem with it, I’ll take on the responsibility

I have the looks, the charm, the ability to lead
And can assure that I only smoke a little bit of weed.

So that brings my awesome poem to an end
Come on Jacques make me captain...I’ll be your best friend!

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