Monday, March 1, 2010

P.K.'s Journal

Hi, I’m P.K. Subban, Hockey player, all around good guy, and avid steak enthusiast. In case you don’t know much about me, I play for the Montreal Canadiens organization. I was drafted 43rd overall in the 2007 entry draft which should mean that there were 42 people who were deemed better than me by NHL scouts …but after my 2 game NHL performance I think we can greatly reduce that number don’t you?
I don’t mean to brag…but I’m pretty sure I’m awesome. I’m also pretty sure I have the all time record for Habs Jersey sales as of right now, and I don’t mean for a new player…I mean ever. Move over Gino Odjick.

You might think I’m cocky, but as the saying goes ‘it ain’t bragging if it’s true!’ and you bet your ass that it’s true baby, it’s damn true.

Anyways…I know that I got sent down to Hamilton (which blows...I don’t get how people do it, once I got a taste of the high life in the NHL coming back to diesel land is almost unbearable. I swear if it wasn’t for me being better than everyone I would be legit pissed off.) but I along with everyone in the world knows it’s just to play games while the best players in the world are at the Olympics. I’m pretty sure I’ll get the call to come back up soon…I mean why not right? I was electric, I was physical, and I was everything the players, fans and coaching staff want, nay NEED in a defenseman. I brought something to the table that hasn’t been seen in Montreal since Mike Komisarek was called up.

Did I just hit a nerve? Get over it. There’s no whining in Hockey…except if your names happens to be Sidney Crosby. (note: this was written before the Gold Medal Game, carry on)

So the reason I’m reaching out to you, my adoring fans, is because I was so excited about my call up that I decided to jot down every detail in what I like to call:


February 11th 2010-11:00 AM

Arrived in Cleveland for Bulldogs game against the Lake Erie Monsters, Coach Boucher (or as we call him, Captain Blood) pulls me aside and lets me know that I’ve been called up. Best part about that is that I get to leave Cleveland. This place smells like shame and Drew Carey.

February 11th 2010 11:03 AM

Coach Boucher announces the Call Up to the team, they give me a little clap and a
few whistles, which made me rummage around my bag for my ‘Applause’ sign…then and only then was my ovation appropriate.

February 11th 2010- 11:11 AM

Made a wish because it’s 11:11, my wish? That I would get called up to the Canadiens. Hey look it came true!

February 11th 2010-11:45 AM

Just got off the phone with my family in the hotel room they couldn’t be happier but my Dad told me not to let my head get too big…yeah right dad like that’s possible.
During conversation, roommate Max Pacioretty was too quiet, I might have heard a sniffle or two muffled by the pillow he was holding over his head…wonder why?

February 11th 2010-12:32 PM

Coach Boucher gives me my flight information and per diem for Montreal. Per Diem? I’m a rookie in Montreal playing for the Habs I don’t think I’ll have to pay for anything ever again.

February 11th 2010- 3:03 PM

My cab arrives to take me to the Cleveland airport, some teammates turn up to send me off. Most of them give me some advice including Yannick Weber, who shook my hand and told me to break a leg. I laughed at the joke but he clenched my hand and stared at me menacingly.

February 11th 2010- 3:52 PM

Arrived at airport and made my way through the usual lines. I can’t wait until I’m in Montreal and am recognized by everyone everywhere. Lines? Please! I’m PK Subban.

February 11th 2010 5:31 PM

On the plane! Not first class, but I’m in the bulkhead! This is the life. Flight attendant didn’t recognize me, but I gave her a rookie card and she gave me a free coke. That’s how it’s done.

February 11th 2010 9:12 PM

Arrived at hotel in Philadelphia to meet up with team, Coach Martin gave me my rooming assignment: fellow defenceman Ryan O’Byrne. It’s late but some players are hanging out in the hotel bar, I walk in and say hi to my new teammates, they’re pretty nice! Scott Gomez tells me I have to learn French, Hal Gill tells me that Montreal is serious and they nitpick over everything and that if I don’t play well I’ll be traded. I had to resist asking him why he was still on the team.

I ask them if they want to prank some players but they all say they’re tired and head to their rooms.

February 11th 2010 9:16 PM

Nobody wants to have fun so I head up to my room. I walked in to find an old man walking out of the shower buck naked, he looked at me and asked if I was here for turn down. I bolted out of the room to find half the team cracking up in the hallway.
Nobody pranks PK and gets away with it.

February 11th 2010 10:03 PM

Tired of thinking of things to write about for this journal, Ryan O’Byrne is nice but it turns out he doesn’t like it when you mention his own goal against the Islanders. He’s been in the bathroom for about 15 minutes now. I’m sorry Ryan, but man what a bonehead play.

February 12th 2010 8 AM

My big day! I could be playing in my first NHL game today. Markov and Gorges are on the bubble.

Speaking of Gorges, He got hit in the head with a puck against Washington and is walking around like nothing happened. Either he’s superhuman or Mike Green is a pussy and has no shot, not sure which one to go with yet.

February 12th 2010 10:07 AM

About to head on the ice for the morning skate, a few guys ask me why I chose 76 as my number. I tell them it’s because 76 is the amount of times their moms called out my name when I was in bed with them last night. They were not amused.

February 12th 2010 11:13 AM

Morning skate was great! Much different than in Hamilton, down there the coach actually makes us work.

February 12th 2010 4:00 PM

After a nice lunch and a good nap we arrived at the Wachovia Center for our game against the Flyers. The arena is nice, but the pictures of various Flyers delivering crushing hits to opposing players in the visitors’ locker room aren’t very feng shui.

February 12th 2010 5:15 PM

About to go out for pre game skate, we were delayed a few minutes when half the team started freaking out because someone put ‘fertilizer’ in their skates. NOBODY pranks PK and gets away with it.

February 12th 2010 5:45 PM

Got the word from Coach Martin, PK Is in the line up! Markov is out, Gorges is superhuman, and I need to call Mike Green and apologize.

February 12th 2010 6:07 PM

Game on! I’m sitting next to Hal Gill who will be my defensive partner for the evening. Coach Muller told me to put away to note pad and focus on the game, I told him to stop highlighting his hair because he looks like an old toothbrush.

February 12 2010 7:00 PM

My first NHL period is in the books! I Didn’t play much but I feel as if I left my mark when I was on the ice. I need to do a spin-a-rama before the game ends…

February 12th 2010 7:23 PM

Just did a spin-a-rama! I Drew a penalty in the same shift because I actually move my feet in the offensive zone.

February 12 2010 7:45 PM

End of the 2nd period. We’re down 3-0. Daniel Carcillo is a crazy person.

Dear rest of team, useful tip: play well, love PK.

February 12th 2010 8:09 PM

Point per game? I think so. I Just recorded my first NHL point. You’re welcome Dominic Moore; you can pay me back later. I take Cash, Card, and Check but I’ll need to see ID for the latter.

February 12th 2010 8:15 PM

Sitting in the penalty box, took a penalty for tripping…which is BS because all I did was put my stick between his skates and pull. Jesus!

February 12th 2010 8:21 PM

I just told Scott Hartnell to get a haircut. I wonder how many NHL players have told him that during scrums after the whistle. Note to self, start team pool about it.

February 12th 2010 8:33 PM

Game over, we lost 3-2. Team seems kind of down but I had a great time! The NHL is pretty awesome; the games are faster, the hitting is harder, and the crazies are crazier (Daniel Carcillo, certified nutjob)!

February 12th 2010 10:45 PM

At the airport with the team, getting ready to board for Montreal where I’m sure my adoring fans will be waiting for me upon my arrival! What a few days it’s been! I could get used to travelling by plane instead of by bus…even if I have to sit next to Maxime Lapierre I can’t understand a word that dude says.

I’m hoping to be a mainstay on the team for sure, and I’m expecting a call from Steve Yzerman telling me I’m replacing one of their D-Men on the Olympic team.

I can’t wait to play in the Olympics!

Later Fans!