Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I would have paid attention but...

The Habs were so pre-occupied with the fact that they were up 2-0 on the Sabres with fewer than 5 minutes left that most of them lost focus on the game and started dealing with other endeavours. The result of course led to Sabres comeback and to another frustrating Habs loss.

We asked the Habs players to finish this sentence:

‘I would have paid attention to the last 5 minutes, overtime, and shootout of tonight’s game, but I was too busy....’

Jacques Martin: .....looking at the vein on Lindy Ruff’s was mesmerizing.

Jaroslav Halak: .....trying to get the lighter that I was holding under my Carey Price voodoo doll to work.

Ryan O’Byrne: ....sitting in the penalty box, apparently hitting someone in the face with your stick is illegal. Hogwash.

Maxime Lapierre: ...laughing my ass off.

Mike Cammalleri: ...tweeting about how we won after my triumphant return!

Dominic Moore: ...trying to get away from Pierre McGuire...he kept calling me a Monster.

Hal Gill: Break-Dancing in front of the net.

Carey Price: ...thinking about what new apparel I was going to show off during my next start.

Scott Gomez: ...calling Travis Moen and telling him the score....he was in stitches! ...Too soon?

Andrei Kostitsyn: ...score two goals, I do enough.

M.A. Bergeron: ...preventing myself from shitting my pants on account of the fact that I still have a job with an NHL team.

Tomas Plekanec: ...texting my agent telling him that I’m for sure staying in Montreal. I sent him a different text 15 minutes later....

Benoit Pouliot: ....not being Guillaume Latendresse....that should be enough for you people.

The Sabres fans in the HSBC Arena: ...waking up.

Sergei Kostitsyn: I no understyand Kvestion.


  1. Ok - I was wrong... On my tweet I said the MaxLap quote was great.....? The Gomez one was freakin' spectacular!

    Good job.

  2. Funny as hell. Except Price's answer was "...actually playing."