Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top ten ways the Non-Olympian Habs spent their Olympic Break.

A few weeks ago the world was watching the best of the best compete at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. As usual the marquee event was the Men's Ice Hockey tournament. While a select few of the Montreal Canadiens were chosen to represent their countries at the games, a good chunk was left with 2 weeks of free time.

Here are the:

Top ten ways the Non-Olympian Habs spent their Olympic Break.

10. Maxime Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse re-united for a trip to Las Vegas. Things went sour when the duo hit the club scene when Latendresse took home 2 girls and Lapierre was left alone. It is evident that Lapierre still has no idea how to score.

9. Carey Price was in B.C. along with fellow B.C. native Ryan O’Byrne and Josh Gorges. Instead of participating in the festivities of the games the trio went hunting, fishing, and camping. The trip was a bust however; because Gorges has no shot, Price can’t catch anything, and O’Byrne is flat out scared of the dark.

8. Scott Gomez spent his two weeks in France sprucing up on his French. He got pretty good at it but when he returned to Quebec and tried conversing with the locals he found himself worse off than he was with no knowledge of the language.

7. New Canadien Dominic Moore spent his time getting acquainted with the city of Montreal. He loves the city, but is reported to be ‘day to day’ after he asked for a menu at ‘Cosmos’.

6. Matt D’Agostini spent the better part of the two weeks in seclusion with his agent. Together they prepared a contract proposal and a detailed plan of action to direct Matt in the right direction to enable him to succeed with the team. After D’Agostini presented his hour long proposal to his new GM he left the office fuming, yelling ‘who the #%$@ is Aaron Palushaj?!?!’

5. Benoit Pouliot and Glen Metropolit ‘TPed’ Brian Burke’s office.

4. Brian Gionta worked hard with a team of scientists to try and find out a way to transplant his brain into a larger body. They were unsuccessful in their attempts, and to make matters worse Gionta got home to discover that his wife forgot to record ‘24’ on the Tivo.

3. Roman Hamrlik and Jaroslav Spacek set to work on creating a tiny eastern European nation so that they could participate in the 2014 Olympics. Qualifications for citizenship? You have to be over 40.

2. Jacques Martin worked on ways to better improve defensive strategies with his peers. After a good 2-3 hours of planning he logged off of ‘World of Warcraft’ and went to work.

And the number one way the Non-Olympian Habs spent their Olympic Break:

1. Mike Cammalleri started a twitter account.

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