Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Believe!

After the Olympics, I made a joke about Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez going to a recording studio with Nikki Yanofski to record a Habs playoff push song called
Please Believe’. A few people asked me to write lyrics...and yes I always listen to what people on twitter tell me to do.

So here’s a behind the scenes look at the recording between the 3 superstars, and Scott Gomez.

Please don’t sue me Nikki.

It works if you listen to the song at the same time as you read it.

Link to real song-

Please Believe!

We cut in to the recording studio in which Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, and Nikki Yanofski have just finished rehearsing.

How was that guys?

Gionta: I don’t know Mike...

Cammalleri: What was wrong with it?

Gomez: You should more singing and less monotonous crying.

Cammalleri: I get nervous.

Nikki: How much am I making for this again?

Gomez: Probably not more than I’m making- want to compare pay checks?

Nikki: Let’s just start from the top!

*Music begins to play*

Nikki: There comes a moment,

Where the city feels so alone,

On this lonely path of parity,

Ever since Roy found a new home.

Gionta: Sometimes when I’m skating down the ice,

And I see the d-men coming up,

I can’t help but thiiiiiink....

I’m really smaaaaaall.

But hey I make five mill,


Cammalleri: Please believe! We can make playooooffffs,

I mean come on we’re ahead by Seven pooooiiiintssss

Please Believe! We’ll make the playoooofffs

Please Believe, or I think I might cryyyyy.

Pierre Gauthier’s voice: I traded a second round pick for Dominic Moore.

*Second Verse*

Nikki: Fans have been waiting, for this moment since ‘05

To make the playoffs and get in deep enough,

For Lapierre’s beard to come to liiiiiiiife

In the Bell Centre there will be no doubt,

The fans; in drones they’ll come out,

And Embrace me to beeee the dude who wears the Ceeeee!

No nothing can stop me!


Gionta and Gomez: Please Believe! We can make the playoffs!

We swear O'Byrne won't score an own gooooal,

Please Believe! We’ll make the playoffs

Please believe or Gauthier might diiiiiiieeee.

Nikki: Please BELIEVE! They’ll make the playoffs!

Fatendresse will not weigh them down!

PLEASE BELIEVE! They’ll make the playoffs!

Please believe or elseee Plecaneeeeeeekkkkk

*Hockey players sing chorus in high pitched voices in background*

Nikki: Will wave goodbye!


Pleeekkkkkkyyyyyyy will waAaAaaaAaAave goodbyyyyyeeeee.

Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri:
Please Believe! Once we’re in I promise that

Dead Silence follows the end of the recording.

Gionta: How did we do?

Cammalleri: I don’t think that was half bad.

6 wins in a row, and a hit single? Nice.

Nikki: Honestly?...I need to get a new agent.


  1. dude you are clownshoes. in a really good way.

    your mind - it's very unique.

  2. Hahaha. You should team up with a Bloge Salming type of guy or someone and make videos of this stuff... not by using copyrighted music, of course, I would never condone that.
    It would be awesome in a box.