Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tweet Ten 13!

Tweet Ten PK Subban press box thoughts.

10. playing the goal horn right when the ref is announcing a penalty is awesome.

9. Why is it frowned upon to order Queue De Cheval to the press box? I said I would share.

8. I really need to bring in some extra security for the next game. I am flat out scared of Youppi.

7. The U2 goal song is ok, but I wonder if there is a song that every single fan loves that they used to use but don’t use anymore for unexplainable reasons.

6. The players look like ants from up here, Hal Gill looks like a larger ant.

5. I wonder if people would notice if I put on Weber’s jersey and just pretended to be him all night?

4. I have found enough physical evidence to suggest that Dustin Boyd has formed some kind of permanent residence up here.

3. It’s incredibly hard to become the Pom fan of the game. It’s all politics.

2. I truly believe that I can be a better centerman than Scott Gomez.

1. Do I get free wings if the Habs score 5 goals?

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