Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tweet Ten 12!

Tweet Ten reasons why everyone hates P.K. Subban.

10. When he was drafted he put his hat on before his jersey.

9. He gives ‘Wet Willies’ during scrums.

8. Everyone thinks Campbell's e-mails are about him.

7. Does that really annoying thing called ‘plays better than you’.

6. All he does while trash talking is quote Family Guy.

5. His ‘spinarama’ makes other players look like they’re in pee-wee.

4. He calls Eklund every day and tells him that he heard that random players were getting traded.

3. Every time he records a point he tells you that he has himself on his own Fantasy Team.

2. He keeps telling everyone that the number on the back of his jersey is the amount of times he has slept with their mother.

1. They’re scared of what would happen to them if they were to disagree with Mike Richards.

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