Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tweet Ten 14

Tweet Ten Montreal Canadiens New Years Resolutions.

10. I, Travis Moen resolve to stop pretending I’m a top 6 forward.

9. I, Jacques Martin resolve to base my coaching decisions by what I read on Twitter.

8. I, Scott Gomez resolve to stop sending love letters to Brian Gionta.

7. I, Brian Gionta resolve to finall find out who is stalking me.

6. I, Dustin Boyd resolve to only get waived ONCE in the 2011 calendar year.

5. I, Tomas Plekanec resolve to stop getting hickies because I secretly hate turtle necks.

4. I, Andrei Kostitsyn…don’t understand the question.

3. I, Kirk Muller resolve to listen to at least 25% of what Jacqes Martin says.

2. I, Jaroslav Spacek resolve to stop sounding like the Speak N Spell from hell.

1. I, P.K. Subban resolve to be a good wittle boy.


  1. Big time LOLz for #2 ... because I totally had a Speak n Spell when I was a kid and Spacek DOES sound like it! Ha!

  2. lol oh andrei, you never fail to make me laugh