Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comparing the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning

Well...the Habs home opener is here and I personally think that out of 29 teams they are playing against the worst possible team.

Tampa is rejuvenated. New GM, new coach, new Dominc Moore…they have it all!

A lot of people have been calling the Bolts the “Habs South”, I think that’s ridiculous. While there are a few similarities I have compared the two teams and have found that they are complete opposites.

Enjoy the home opener!

Comparing the Habs and the Bolts:

One Team: Has a French Canadian superstar on a level of his own. He is face of the franchise and has carried the team on his back for years.
The Other Team: Has Vincent Lecavalier.

One Team: Sells out every home game, no matter the opponent.
The Other Team: Sells out every home game they play against the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.

One Team: Finished at the bottom of the NHL several times and drafted key players to stabilize the future of their organization.
The Other Team: Did the same thing, but drafted Andrei Kostitsyn.

One Team: Has a fanbase that follows their team microscopically.
The Other Team: Has a fanbase that is microscopic.

One Team: Has a state of the art training facility that caters to any and every need that the players might have.
The Other Team: Has Guy Boucher, and that’s all they need.

One Team: Has a new GM that acquired Dan Ellis.
The Other Team: Has a new GM that acquired Dan Ellis.

One Team: Has enough star French Canadiens to field a top line.
The Other Team: Is really super jealous.

One Team: Benefits from intense media attention so fans know everything that is going on behind the scenes.
The Other Team: Benefits from having no media attention at all which is a good thing because they’ve been pretty bad the past few years.

One Team: Has a goalie that is under heavy scrutiny from his entire media and fanbase…but don’t worry, he can take it.
The Other Team: Has a goalie that had twitter but for some reason doesn’t have it anymore.

One Team: Has a young purebred defenseman with size, skill and intensity.
The Other Team: Has the same thing…but he’s better by default because he plays in Montreal.

One Team: Drafted Roman Hamrlik 1st overall, who is facing his former team.
The Other Team: Traded a 2nd Round pick for Dominic Moore, who is facing his former team.

One Team: Uses the phrase “All In” as their team’s motto.
The Other Team: Thinks that the slogan is really ironic considering who their head coach used to be.

One Team: Has a rookie NHL coach, but he knows his shit.
The Other Team: Has a veteran NHL coach, he’s shit.

One Team: Had a tough guy but he left via free agency.
The Other Team: Had a tough guy but he is currently a Figure Skater.

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