Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tweet Ten 7!

With the Phoenix Coyotes in town on Monday night Paul Bissonnette, a well known grinder on the Yotes, came to town and brought his awesome twitter account with him. He didn't tweet much while he was here...but I hear they don't allow phones in Chez Paree.

If you have twitter and don't follow so immediately.

He was a healthy scratch during the game and he needed to keep himself busy. Fortunately for this blog, I was at the game and witnessed everything he did to keep himself busy.

Tweet Ten things Paul Bissonnette AKA BizNasty2point0 did during the Habs game last night.

10. During the first period he challenged fellow healthy scratches Dustin Boyd and Ryan O’Byrne to a Hot Dog eating contest. He won.

9. Somehow managed to get into the Youppi suit for the third period, almost got the real guy fired when he cheered for the Coyotes second goal.

8. Snuck into the RDS broadcasting booth and gave Benoit Brunet ‘Bunny Ears’ during their 3 second TV spot.

7. Barged into Pierre Gauthier’s suite, pinned him up against the wall and demanded why they don’t serve poutine at the Bell Centre.

6. Realizing that they share a number he thought it would be funny if he crossed off Dickie Moore and Yvan Cournoyer’s names on their retirement banners and replaced them with his own. Nobody laughed.

5. Tried to hijack a Zamboni but then realized he didn't know how to drive stick.

4. As a practical joke he put Hockey tape on the bottom of Hal Gill’s skates. Jokes on him though as it made little to no difference.

3. Spray painted ‘Paul Was Here’ in every single bathroom stall.

2. Passed by Bob Gainey in the hallway then tweeted 17 times about it.

1. Kept asking reporters who ‘Gary’ is and why the fans keep chanting his name.

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