Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tweet Ten 8!

I know the Blog has become dominated by the Tweet Tens...but I'll have a d new post up tomorrow night.

Tweet Ten Habs November Predictions.

10. Lars Eller will score his first goal as a Hab but it will get waived off because apparently you can’t pick up the puck and throw it in the net.

9. P.K. Subban will also score his first goal as a hab, against the Leafs, in overtime…P.K. is that legit.

8. 60% of Montrealers will shave their heads due to a new Habs marketing campaign asking fans “Are you as bald as Auld?”

7. Pierre Gauthier will go crazy after finding out that Anaheim would not accept the Andrei Kostitsyn for Ryan Getzlaf deal he proposed when it worked perfectly for him when he was playing NHL 11 last night.

6. Mike Cammalleri will get suspended for accidentally punching an opponent in the face during his routine fist pump goal celebration.

5. When the Predators come to Montreal, the Kostitsyn brothers will switch teams and wait for someone to notice their hilarious prank. Nobody will.

4. Daniel Carcillo will make the Refs invent a new penalty when he plays the Habs on the 16th because as far as they can remember nobody has ever tried to pull out somebody’s teeth during play.

3. After weeks of torment, Dustin Boyd will finally legally change his name to Justin.

2. Carey Price will score a goal, probably on Martin Brodeur and the Habs don’t even play the Devils.

1. Bell will release a new app for the Backberry and IPhone, fans will be able to vote for Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez’s left winger.

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