Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tweet Ten 10!

Tweet Ten Andrei Markov alternatives

10. Find out what scientist the Sabres used to build Tyler Myers and have him build one for us.

9. Somehow combine Yannick Weber, Alex Picard, Alex Henry and Mathieu Carle into one person.

8. Look up Marc Andre Bergeron’s number so they know which numbers not to push when using the phone.

7. Trade for O’Byrne. I’m sure we have some 18 year old prospect to give up somewhere.

6. If they could ‘rebuild’ the 6 Million Dollar Man because ‘they had the technology’ then why can’t we do it too?

5. Call up Carolina and commission Eric Staal to play for us until Markov gets healthy. He owes us.

4. Just dress 5 defensemen, Carey Price will bail us out of it somehow.

3. Clone P.K. Subban. Actually they should have done that at the beginning of the season.

2. Get Pierre Gauthier in equipment. It’s high time he started earning his pay.

1. Get one of those Deloreans, crank it to 88 and try to prevent this whole thing from ever happening.

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  1. this is like the first time in a while I've ACTUALLY read habslaughs. keep it up mike. and just a suggestion... you should switch to wordpress. way easier in every aspect, they track your stats in a really cool way, and they'll import every one of your blogspot posts instantly.