Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tweet Ten 6!

This weeks Tweet Ten is so topical it's practically that 'Head On' stuff with those really annoying commercials.

If you don't know what this topic the following link:

Now that you've stopped laughing...start laughing again.

Tween Ten Reasons the Islanders Hate the Habs.

10. They’re still bitter about the fact that Louis Leblanc got more fan and media attention than John Tavares did at the ‘09 Draft.

9. They hate not being able to turn right on a red light.

8. Lars Eller is a better Dane than Frans Nielsen and the Islanders know it.

7. They’re incredibly jealous that they have to wait over 50 years to throw a Centennial Celebration.

6. They’re still waiting for something more than a fruit basket from Mike Cammalleri for slashing Nino Niedereiter.

5. All Mike Bossy, who is from Montreal, ever did for them was win 4 cups in a row. They resent him till this day.

4. Every time Charles Wang calls the Habs office and identifies himself whoever answers the phone laughs for ten minutes.

3. Pierre Gauthier still hasn’t accepted Garth Snow’s friend request on Facebook.

2. They were totally about to sign Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta.

1. All Mark Streit talks about is how better the food, nightlife, women and quality of living was back in Montreal.

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