Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tweet Ten List 2!

Second installment of the Tweet Ten List is in the books! Hope you tuned in...if not...there's always next week!

Top ten signs that Habs Hockey is back.

10. Georges Laraque can be spotted lobbying for Veggie dogs to be served at the Bell Centre.

9. A new round of shatter proof glass gets installed on St. Catherine Street.

8. Attendance at Alouettes games goes from over 25,000 to 25.

7. On a similar note, people completely forget that the Impact exist.

6. The Bell Centre just received their annual shipment of 500 turtlenecks for Tomas Plekanec.

5. Game tickets sell out in minutes, and then get re-sold again in minutes for triple the price.

4. Travis Moen comes back from the farm, Scott Gomez comes back from Alaska, but Andrei Kostitsyn stays in space.

3. All the bird crap gets cleaned off the statues in Centennial Plaza.

2. Instead of watching it together every week, Jacques Martin and Kirk Muller now
have to TIVO Battle of the Blades.

1. Youppi hits up the Salon for a cut and a dye.