Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tweet Ten List!

For those of you that missed it, I was featured in a new segment on Game Points with Matthew Ross on the Team 990 in Montreal! I'll be on every week doing a new 'Tweet Ten List' so be sure to tune in!

I'll also be posting the Tweet Ten List on the Blog for those who missed it on the radio.

Top Ten reasons why Pierre Gauthier chose Carey Price over Jaroslav Halak.

10. Does your starting goalie Rodeo in the off-season? I don’t think so.

9. Josh Gorges likes Carey Price better, and what Josh Gorges says, goes.

8. Carey Price is in Gauthier’s A-Capella group: “Triple Gleeke”

7. All Halak did was help lead the Habs to the conference finals, beating the Capitals and the Penguins in the process. Price helped Gauthier master the orange button on Guitar hero. I think we know who’s more valuable.

6. The only team that wanted Price was Colorado….even Gauthier isn’t that stupid.
5. Gauthier is in a Western Conference only fantasy league.

4. Price still has 7 new Habs masks left to debut. Are you going to take that away from him?

3. By some weird stretch of logic, Price is considered to be more ‘French Canadian’ than Halak.

2. Alex Auld would make Halak look too good. There needs to be room for some controversy.

1. Halak liked to pull pranks, and the one where he traded himself for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz was one too many.